Below are activities and assignments received and shared with permission by author(s). Submissions are listed in alphabetical order under each alphabetized author.

Victor Asal, University at Albany, SUNY


Identity Exercise on Identity Salience

The Running Game: Modeling Diversity of Inequality in the Classroom (Simulation, APSA TLC 2016 Paper)


Amy Atchison, Valaparaiso University


Atchison, A. (2016). Bringing Women In: Gender Mainstreaming in Introduction to Political SciencePS, July: 546-549.

Integrating Women into the Core Curriculum Final Appendix (Supplement Material)

“Privilege Walk Personas” Material

Rachel VanSickle-WardPitzer College


The Move Into the Circle – Exercise used to have members explore different aspects of their own identity, and to allow those who are comfortable to share elements of their identity and encourage others to share their stories as well.

Sherri Wallace, University of Louisville


The Social Identity Profile – Exercise used to critically reflect on one’s identity, power and privilege in society